Solaris 11 Minimal Zone - Part 3/3

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- This post will help to review some basics concepts related to Solaris 11 pkg repositories (groups, manifests, templates, etc).

- We cannot see big differences between both package groups, if we look a bit deeper the main differences , we will find that,  in the small-server-group will find other pkg's oriented to:

     - Network and diagnostic tools

          diagnostic/cpu-counters (solaris)                 0.5.11-    i--
          diagnostic/snoop (solaris)                        0.5.11-    i--
          diagnostic/tcpdump (solaris)                      4.7.4-     i--
          diagnostic/wireshark/tshark (solaris)             1.12.7-     i--
          diagnostic/wireshark/wireshark-common (solaris)   1.12.7-  
          network/dns/bind (solaris)               i--
          network/ipfilter (solaris)                        0.5.11-     i--
          network/open-fabrics (solaris)                    1.5.3-     i--
          network/ping (solaris)                            0.5.11-    i--
          network/rsync (solaris)  

     - Some additional python libraries

     - Email server

          service/network/smtp/sendmail (solaris)           8.15.1-     i--

     - Support for other filesystems, including nfs

          system/file-system/autofs (solaris)               0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/hsfs (solaris)                 0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/nfs (solaris)                  0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/pcfs (solaris)                 0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/udfs (solaris)                 0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/ufs (solaris)                  0.5.11-    i--
          system/file-system/uvfs (solaris)  

     - RAD modules (Solaris Remote Administration Daemon )

          system/management/rad/client/rad-python (solaris) 0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-dlmgr (solaris)  0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-files (solaris)  0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-kstat (solaris)  0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-network (solaris) 0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-panels (solaris) 0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-smf (solaris)    0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-time (solaris)   0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-usermgr (solaris) 0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-zfsmgr (solaris) 0.5.11-    i--
          system/management/rad/module/rad-zonemgr (solaris) 0.5.11-     i--

...among other small things.

- If you are not planning to use any of this server features, i think a good start point, could be use the minimal-server version and then add functionalities according to your needs.

- We use in this demonstration non-global zones, but the recipe can be extended easily to kernel zones, because we can define the manifest for the installation to be used, the same way was explained in this document.

- This instructions are also applicable for Solaris 11.2

- Another way to accomplish this minimal configuration is to create a template, specifying the manifest and some other parameters and then use this template during zone creation. I will dedicate another post entry for this purpose.


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