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Hello folks, here returning to blogging

I took recently a Domestika course called Techniques to improve your productivity, link over here , it's a Spanish course where they teach several techniques (Eat the frog, Pomodoro, GTD, things probably known by many). 

The main advantage I thought about the course, was that was focused in a new tool for me called Notion.

The idea is pretty cool because it has lot of features like several templates to organize and more beautiful fonts and templates compared with Evernote. If you are a visual person like me , if you have the chance to create more dynamic notes with nice designs, bullets, templates, etc and not simple plain text like Evernote, I think you can give it a try.

In terms of productivity is not the final solution but I think it has different modules that can cover many aspects like planning and note taking, so instead of use multiple tools, you can try to use a tool like this

It's available in most of the platforms and currently is getting in one of my favorite apps.

Some other reviews that can be helpful about this tool

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SmartNotebooks Review

I started to write again new posts and i will like to dedicate some time to a couple of Smartbooks that i bought.
Several months ago, I found on internet a review about RocketBook and I thought that was a great idea.

After checking the review I decided to take a look at the RocketBook and I made my order through Amazon. Has been several months and I am pretty happy with the results.

The concept about this Smartbooks is that we have a notebook with some special features like erasable writing and note organization. I used to have a lot of notebooks in the past and I could say that i have saved a lot of space and also been gentle with the environment, using this type of gadgets.

In one of my many visits to Aliexpress website I found the Elfinbook and I was very impressed about what I saw, so I decided to order one. My experience with the RocketBook was so positive, so i decided to to give it a try to this one.




Both products come with a useful package. RocketBook it's kind of a plastic, easy to open . Also Amazon its pretty well known to protect thier deliveries so i had no problem to receive the product in good conditions.

Elfinbook has a hard package also pretty good to protect the product.


The RocketBook has a casual look, pretty good for daily use and i think its really good for a  note taking, draw, or any type of use. I would love to have one of those back in my university time.

The Elfinbook looks more formal, business type of notebook, with a leather type of cover. It looks more suitable for a business meeting with a client.

In terms of quality paper I think Rocketbook its a bit better. Also the paper is more white and clear, compared witrh Elfinbook which is a light yellow type of paper. Its just a matter of choice which one you prefer. I think both are great.


Rocketbook has in the bottom of each page a QR code and some simbols.


The Rocketbook app that you install in your cell phone (available for android and IOS) is able to configure to which cloud service, your notes will be send (Evernote, Google Drive, Onedrive, among others)

The Elfinbook app doesn´t have this approach. They just save the documents that you capture with your phone camera, in its own application using pdf format. Also available for Android and IOS


- I think both are great ideas in terms of usability and as environment friendly alternative for standard notebooks.

- If you are a Evernote user like me , you will find that the apps that came with each notebooks are not so useful in terms of functionality. What i do personally its to use directly evernote to save the notes as pictures or OCR document.

- The look and feel makes the difference. Personnally I like more Elfinbook , because looks more like business oriented. Its leather type of cover makes it look very elegant and executive.

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First post 2019

The past year has been pretty lasy in terms of blog posting. The family, work and other things, have kept my attention during the year.

One of the things that i`ve thinked for this 2019 is to return to bloging :) .

Anyway, I want to thanks as usual to all my readers across the world, from US, Russia, China, Peru, Chile, Ucrania and so may countries that showed intererest about the content of this blog.

I wish you a very good year with lots of challengues and blessings

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