Macerados and the art of flavour

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As i mentioned in a previous post, i'm an enthusiast about cooking and bartending. Since i was child i used to spend some quality time with my family, preparing lovely dinners and enjoying different types of coctels.

Since i came to Peru for living, i was excited about their Pisco (liquor made from different grapes of high graduation ,35°-40° average). It's produced in different valleys across Peru ( Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna). We also produce Pisco in Chile and if you want to see some of the differences, you can check this link.

In one of the visits to the local restaurants, I had the chance to drink the "Chilcano", which is a typical drink,  prepared with Ginger Ale , Pisco and a dash of Limon Juice; really great and refreshing. 

I had also the chance to drink a "Macerado", which is pisco rested with several ingredients, that can be dried or fresh fruits, roots, grains, leafs, among other things.

Once i tried the macerados, I became a big fan and i started to create my own versions. 

I will post in future entries those recipes . I also tried to expand this technique to other types of alcohol with great results (orange flavored tequila, spicy rums, dried tomatoes flavored vodka, among other inventions).

Stay tuned , and thanks for visiting



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