(Mind Maps) - WikiMind Project

I'm a big fan of my mind maps and I've been using them for long time.

I've used several tools, some desktop and web. The latest tool that i'm using and that i'm very satisfied with it, is mindmup.

This tool provides a clean web interface , with several nice features:

- Dropbox, github and google drive plugins (mind maps can be stored in this web services)
- Create and share public mind maps
- Collaborative work among other things

They have developed and internal project called WikiMind, that explores Wikidata links , showing the resources as a mind map output.

This is an interesting project to take a look and play.





Films & Books

Since I was a kid, I was always interested in movies. With the beginning of internet was a great privilege to find new type of material, that was difficult to find in movie theaters or a blockbuster store. I was born in a small city with an old theater and a couple of video stores and finally, I was always renting and seeing the same type of outdated films

Independent films and short films were my favorites, once I was able to get access to the Internet to surf the web, searching for new stuff.

This blog will be a place where I can share my opinion about films and also books.

Here my film list in Letterboxd

Please enjoy this trip with me and stay tuned