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I've been using  CMS (Content Management Systems) for a while, starting with Joomla and also trying Wordpress for several projects. These products are great, but you have to invest a lot of time in keep an updated OS version and CMS version as well, for security purpose.

The setup is not hard in most of the cases (PHP, Mysql and Apache environment), but sometimes the deployment of this tools are not the best choice if you want to work in a small/personal project or if you want to keep static information all the time in the web page.

I started to read about Static Site Generators (SSG) and I found that this tool an excellent choice for static web page and different types of projects. The main benefit is that you don't need an advanced setup configuration, just in most of the cases, an apache working server (there's no need to connect to a database to retrieve information to your web page). The content is managed in several types of files and the performance it's pretty good compared with standard CMS.

Here's a good starter link, to take a look about SSG, from Gitlab and also a nice post about why to choose this type of technology

Also you can find here 2 sites with some information about the most popular SSG available right now: HeadlessCms and StaticGen

I will dedicate future posts to the deploy of some of this SSG tools

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