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I'm a big fan of For Dummies type of books i think they present all the information about any subject in a clean, practical and step by step way.

Practically there's a For Dummies book for almost any subject, some of the one  I've read and found interesting are, among others:

Another type of book series that I like is Head First, it has same spirit from Scratch learning , but we add a more visual components, diagrams, etc.

Definetely Im a big fan of this series , especially for the visual aspect, some of the titles that i recommend are for example.

Learn in a Month of Lunches

This series is more focused in TI field, so you will find subjects like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Python, etc. You can check here more info.

Teach Yourself Visually

Same spirit like the dummies series, not focus only in TI field , but several additional subjects like Algebra, Statistics, etc.

More details and link here

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