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I often read a lot of books in Kindle and lately i've been using Perlego platform. One of the things that realize that when I started to study a new subject or reading a technical book is that taking notes, can be a bit time consuming

Some weeks ago i read an interesting article about how to take great notes , that gives very good tips and techniques about this subject.

Here some features that i like in several tools/platforms, that  can make your life easier.

Kindle Flashcards

Doesn't matter you are reading a novel or technical book, each kindle document has the feature of flashcard creation. I used this often in my android phone. A flashcard it's a category that you can create and inside of it , you can paste some content about the book you are reading.

When i found some interesting in a book i copy the content and keep adding to my flashcard, once i finish the book I go to my flashcard from the text , instead of read the book again., to get the main insights or summaries.

Here a video i made several yeas ago (Spanish).

Also this video (English) can be helpful.

Perlego Highlights

Perlego Highlights is just a feature where you highlight specific parts of the test you are reading, this will generate some entries in a category automatically, you can check anytime , your highlighted content in the book.

Uptime Sparks 

I've been using the Uptime app for a while and is a pretty interest concept. They provide useful summaries of MANY things. Books, documentaries, Podcasts, E-learning courses, you get summaries of them and at the end of the review , you get the link for the original course/book if you want to get the main source.

Everytime you review a content , you have the choice to Spark some sentences, so you can save them to check later and build your own Knowledge LIbrary.

You can save your Sparks in categories according your learning needs.


All services/tools described are pretty useful, many are paid, but i think are very valuable due to the useful information provided.

Perlego and Uptime have been a great discover , so my recommendations is to try them.

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