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I'm a big fan of flash card tools and i've been using them for a couple of years. It doesn't matter if i'm studying a new subject, language or  preparing an IT certification, this tools are great for any type of learning

By reviewing the flashcards over and over again, the information becomes ingrained in your memory so you won’t forget it. This tools offers too, several types of games and activities that makes the learning process more fun and dynamic.

Personally i've used 3 of this tools and this is a quick review for each one of them.



This was one of the first tools that i used a couple of years ago, it provides an executable that can be installed in several platforms and also available in mobile devices (android and ios). You can keep syncronized the data and cards across the devices. This tool is freeware.



It provides not only the flash card utility but also you can manage your cards according to similar concepts (categories) and also create classes where you can manage several flash cards. You can share also your work with other users and also search cards ,focused in the subjects that you will like to study. The web interface is really good and provides also a mobile version (android and ios) , so you can keep your data synchronized as well. The basic version is free , but you can upgrade to a pro version getting access to study guides and more advanced features. The best plan is the annual subscription of 7 us monthly (84 us yearly)



This is the tool that i'm currently using. It provides similar features compared with StudyBlue, the only difference is that with the free version, you can add only text to your cards. To add another type of media (audio and images), you need to upgrade to pro version. The pro version upgrade cost me only 20 us yearly, so it was a good offer compared with the 84us from StudyBlue.
It's also available in mobile platform.

I'm currently working in some flash cards that i will like to share with you about project management (CAPM/PMP), IT certifications and also Oracle VM. I will share this material soon, in other posts.

Here you can see a nice video, with a brief explanation about flashcard usage in general

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