Francis Mallmann: The super chef on the art of steak

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This Chef is one of my favorites, this Argentinian is not the typical well known sophisticated type of chef , but instead, is an old poet, hipster and lover of simple food, type of person.

I started to follow his career in the Gourmet food channel (www.elgourmet.com), where he has a TV show , that takes in place in the Argentinian Patagonia. Each chapter is a mix of beautiful portraits, poetry and simple cooking where the charcoal and the strong fire are the main characters of this tasty play.

The last year netflix,  presented a chapter dedicated to his career in the amazing serie, Chef's table

You can find also here some chapters of his show (they are in spanish, sorry ...)


He's a writer also of several cooking and barbecue books


Enjoy :)

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