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I've developed my career between the NOC (Network operation Center) of my University and Oracle working as a Technical Analyst .

During all this years i've been playing and worked with several Operating Systems and tools and this is an overview of what i'm using right now.

At my Home

Currently i'm using Ubuntu as primary OS , in the past i worked a lot with Suse and Mandrake

At my Work

Most of the time working with Solaris as primary OS and also doing some testing with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

I will like to keep playing, if i  still have the time, with

- SmartOS: Based on illumos kernel, provides extended features such as KVM virtualization. WebPage

- OmniOS: Takes a minimalist approach to create a full Illumos-derived operating system.
It includes all of the benefits of Illumos, such as zone and KVM virtualization

Other Illumos interesting projects, can be found here http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/Distributions

- Proxmox: Proxmox Virtual Environment is a complete server virtualization management solution, based on KVM and container virtualization. WebPage

- CoreOS:  CoreOS is a minimal operating system that supports popular container systems out of the box. The operating system is designed to be operated in clusters. For example, it is engineered to be easy to boot via PXE and on most cloud providers. WebPage

I'm also working and playing in personal projects with Puppet, Chef and Ansible

I will post in my blog about this Operating Systems and tools and i will continue exploring others too :)

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